Shadrack Maritim

Architect from Olenguruone
I am a licensed architect with over 10 years’ experience with In-depth design and engineering knowledge.My highlights include: 10+ years of experience, with a proven track record reviewing drawings, preparing clarification sketches, and coordinating with construction managers High comfort level in advising clients, specifically equity investors or construction lenders, on risks (design, quality, constructability, completion, schedule, and costs) When conducting site visits I am able to consistently avoid unnecessary costs by spotting general compliance issues with as-built conditions with the contract drawings and specifications
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Shadrack Maritim Shadrack Maritim Shadrack Maritim
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Registration Date Sep 19, 2018
Experience 10 Years
Working Hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Operation Street | Appartment No | Building Olenguruone
Other Skills - Architect (Parklands)
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