Walter Ndegwa

Site Supervisor from Lower Kabete
As a Construction Site Supervisor, in overall the duty of overseeing all construction activities on the development site fall squarely on my shoulders. In the capacity am involved in working drawings interpretation, work scheduling and staffing, organizing and controlling and safe guarding projects assets and budgets. Ensuring that on the site the project conforms to the Building Codes and Safety and Health Regulations. Regular timely communication up and down the organization chart, including but not limited to Architect, Structural Engineer, Contractor, Sub-contractors, skilled and semi-skilled workers. I have a working experience with Ms Excel, Ms Word, Ms Project Manager, ArchiCAD and AutoCAD.
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Walter Ndegwa Walter Ndegwa Walter Ndegwa
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Registration Date Nov 09, 2018
Experience 3 Years
Working Hours 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Operation Street | Appartment No | Building Wangige
Other Skills None
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