Topseal Engineering Ltd

Waterproofing Services from Kilimani
Topseal Engineering is one of the leading roofing and waterproofing companies in Kenya and East Africa region. We are your excellent waterproofing solutions provider for new and old water retaining and excluding structures such as: - flat roofs, concrete gutters, basements, swimming pools, construction joints, rising dampness, underground tanks, car parks, bathrooms and other wet areas. All our services are backed up with a 10 year performance guarantee.
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Topseal Engineering Ltd Topseal Engineering Ltd Topseal Engineering Ltd
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Registration Date Sep 11, 2018
Experience 10 Years
Working Hours 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Operation Street | Appartment No | Building Nicholson drive, off Ngong Road
Other Skills None
Reviews 1
Verified Status Verified
  • Topseal Engineering did an excelent waterproofing on our rooftop. We had bad experiences with other providers before but Topseal did an excellent job and our roof has never leaked again.

    By Shadrack Rasuei On Sep 11, 2018